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Karyn's Waterbirth of Rune

Birthcenter, Winnipeg, MB

Around midnight, March 31st I got a text from Karyn telling me things were moving forward and they were getting set to drive out to the Birth Center from out of town - they'd get there for 1:20-ish. I hopped out of my computer chair (I was up late editing!) and got my things organized and got set to head down for that time as well. I had a pretty good inkling Karyn would have a fairly swift birth... just based on her birth history, her fitness level, her attitude, her coping skills, her personality and just, I suppose, from consulting my inner voice of birthy wisdom. 

When I arrived, the midwives were getting Karyn ready for an intravenous line to receive some precautionary antibiotics. She was moving through her surges quietly, and steadily and the midwives were nothing but patient and respectful. Her mother was invited into her birth space and was quietly seated by the curtains, off to the side. She was quiet, and just watched her daughter labour with a look of confidence and peacefulness in her eyes. She and I exchanged a few words through the night and she was so sweet and warm towards me. 

The birth pool was filled promptly and played a major role in Karyn's labouring and birthing processes. She was so agile in the water, so quiet and steadfast... her face looked calm and a little sleepy (understandable, since it was the middle of the night and she had had a very active day the day before! including a recent slip on some ice while on a hike - you will note the resulting bruise on her leg, in the photos below) but mainly, it looked meditative. The room was so silent... everyone spoke in hushed, calm voices. And barely spoke at all. Once in a while, Karyn would open her eyes during a moment between contractions, looked at us surrounding her, and said "Wow, isn't this boring.", and we all chuckled at her sense of humour. What a woman! She cracked us all up on a number of occasions with her wit and light-hearted commentaries. It was amazing how she handled her increasingly strong contractions with calm and uplifting candor. 

There were 2 student midwives present for this birth, so 4 midwives in total, and everyone took a hands-off approach with Karyn because she was really quite comfortable in the water, with her husband by her side. Within just a few hours, she had transitioned to the crowning of her baby's head with strength, calmness, and so much grace and beauty. I was just enamored by her (we all were) throughout her journey at the Birth Centre. Baby Rune was born at 05:30 on March 31st, 2017 and he was just gorgeous. 

I had just the best time with Karyn and her family... I was welcomed by everyone with warmth and smiles, and it felt more like a quiet and cozy house party than anything else. Thank you Karyn for inviting me into your sacred birth space and entrusting me with this documentation. I'm so honoured and grateful!

I sincerely hope that these photos are inspiring to anyone reading. 

Whether you plan on a hospital vaginal birth, a surgical birth, a homebirth, a freebirth, or a birthcentre birth - I would be honoured to document your experience. I believe that all birth is amazing and everyone experiencing this journey is beautiful and powerful and fascinating. If you're thinking about it, please connect with me and tell me about yourself.  I am booking straight through to Winter 2018!

I'd love to hear from you!


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