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Jessi's Maternity Session

horses, skulls, dogs & love on the homestead

This amazing woman is not only a badass lineman (actually, to be more specific, she is the FIRST female lineman/linePERSON in Manitoba), who climbs up hydro poles and manages high voltage electrical cables... (as if that's not badass enough...) 

Read more about her work as a lineperson here.

She is also an *incredible artist* who stays in touch with her Cree & Icelandic roots....  She uses animal skulls, and after treating and stripping them clean of their flesh and hair, she paints the most beautiful nature interpretations on them.... check out her work, (like and follow her!) here.

AND she saves horses from the slaughter house, by buying them at the slaughter auction, brings them home where she and her partner give them a life filled with love, care and freedom.

Now this gorgeous woman and her romantic man are expecting their first child together, and I am so thrilled for them - on the brink of a new and exciting journey. I can just imagine how healthy and content their child will be growing up in their loving home and gorgeous property filled with animals, rugged landscapes and epic skies. I didn't want to leave at the end... the only thing that made me finally drive away was the dwindling light. They made me feel so welcome and so comfortable - Bigs thanks to Jessi and her man Phil. Their chemistry was intoxicating... see for yourself:

{BELOW} This picture is very special to me. Alice, the mare, was bought last year at an auction where she was being sold to slaughter. She had a tiny foal at her side and was skin and bones, giving everything she had to the foal. In the past year she's slowly come to trust humans , and this picture captures that trust we've built up and the bond that we have being two mothers on the very cusp of giving birth. I absolutely love it. ~Jessi

If you would like to get in touch about maternity sessions, birth photography packages or any other idea you have that you think I would be a good fit to colaborate with, contact me here.

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