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Ginger's Maternity Session

Winnipeg, Mb

October 19, 2016

Ginger found my Facebook page and reached out to me about photos for her 6th pregnancy. I was at the height of my fall family session busy-ness... but through talking, we realized that we have a mutual love for nature and a whole bunch of aesthetic similarities in what we love in a good photo.   Even though I was supremely busy, I knew that I had to take Ginger on as a client.  I was so excited about this imminent shoot and before long, the date of our session arrived.

Fortunately, the weather was spectacular, and I met Ginger and her big beautiful family out at Little Mountain Park in the north end of the city. This park has always been special to me... I used to take my first furbaby out there daily, to walk and hike and get lost in the trails (literally. For a time, I couldn't get my bearings right, and would quite literally get lost while hiking there. I'd always find my way out before too long, because it isn't a really large park, but this always was a bit funny to me... how quickly I'd lose my spatial orientation there). 

As we were walking along, finding spots to give our attention to... it quickly became evident that it was not only Ginger that I was photographing. This session was in equal parts a celebration of Ginger's pregnancy and a celebration of Mother Nature's spectacular beauty at the full height of Autumn. As Nature herself was giving birth to colour and splendour and falling leaves and bursts of wind and wild grasses and seeds... Ginger was also preparing to bring new life into the world, one more little human being to add to her growing family of children ages 1 through 8. It was really quite poetic watching her as she moved from scene to scene, interacting with the world around her, the plants, trees, grasses... and how absolutely beautiful she appeared to me, alongside Nature - equally as beautiful and breathtaking. 

Needless to say, I came home with hundreds and hundreds of amazing images from this session... because I am a lover of landscapes and nature photography and so this opportunity to combine both pregnancy (one of my big loves) and nature... was just pure indulgence and I went all out and shot everything I could. Here are just a few I skimmed off the top, to share. 

Thank you Ginger for giving me the gift of your presence that day, the gift of your heart, your strength, your inner beauty and the trust you put in my hands with your image. I hope you love this album as much as I do. 













































Thank you for looking through these photos... I hope you find inspiration in them, in whatever form it brings. You can follow along with my everyday musings, posts of current projects, sessions and sneak peeks on my Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/ellianaphotog 

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