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Courtney + her precious babies


Courtney came to my previous studio back in December, when she was pregnant with her son, and we shot a beautiful end of day mother-daughter lifestyle session with her and her then-5 year old girl. When they were in my studio, I could not help but be completely enamored with Courtney's natural beauty; the optimism in her eyes, bright and sparkling, and the inescapably contagious smile she had on her face the whole time... We chatted about our time in nursing school, her current academic pursuits, her career possibilities, and all sorts of other topics that flew in through the windows and gave us common ground to share together. It was a beautiful session.... really shining a light on the beautiful connection between Courtney and her daughter - and what a sweetheart her daughter is! She reminded me a lot of my own daughter, who is about 6 months younger.

Here are some of my favourite shots from that session.

Then baby arrived and I came over during his first week of life at home, and shot a beautiful milk bath with Courtney and her baby boy, while her big girl was at school - a chance for her to relish her newborn and connect with him one on one. He was so peaceful and contented, and she was so very much in love with him. It was heart-melting, and reminded me of those sweet sweet days postpartum when the world fades away, and you are steeped in a milky, sleepy haze of newfound love and an unwavering sense of focus on nourishing your precious babe.

Then, most recently in March, after I had settled into my new downtown studio, Courtney came down to visit me again, this time with both her babies, her now 6 year old daughter and her precious (chunky!) boy who was now a couple months old. Oh my goodness did we ever have fun. It was amusing and mind-boggling, to see first-hand, how much the children had changed in just those few months I had been given the opportunity to observe them from behind the lens. And Courtney's optimism, sweetness, and patience with her children and her role as their mommy never seem to waver. I'm sure we all have tough days and tough moments, sleepless nights and worries that make us quake and quiver.

But Courtney powers through these things and is able to find the light in everything and every place she arrives at, good or bad, easy or hard. She just has that ability to think positively, and I am so grateful to have met her, and to have soaked up a bit of her optimism.... it's something I can do with more often, and I am lucky that through my work as a birth and motherhood photographer, I get to pick up on such things because my amazing, brave, strong clients open up to me and share their stories and hearts with me and my camera.

I am excited to watch Courtney and her children continue to grow and move through life together as a family. Hoping I meet Mr. Daddy next time! (hint, hint)

I am a birth, motherhood and lifestyle photographer in Winnipeg, Mb and would absolutely love to hear from you if you would like to invite me into your space to document the relationship between you and your children. I don't just work with mothers, although women tend to be my primary client 'type'. I collaborate and work with people of all genders and family roles and would be very keen to help you document the most precious aspects of your lives with my camera.

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