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Bio-Architectural Boudoir

Exchange District

October 5, 2016

So yesterday I was downtown shooting two absolutely incredible boudoir sessions in my studio in the Exchange. Between shoots, I went down to St. Boniface and grabbed a quick lunch, and on my way back to the Exchange District, I was drawn to a building on a corner... it was dressed in a gorgeous robe of deep red vines. And with boudoir on my mind, I could not help but want to photograph this sultry sight... And it wasn't *just* sexy to me. It was sad, forlorn... passionate and yearning... deeply alive, almost visceral... but also forgotten, decayed... maybe even forbidden. I explored the area up close, and found a bird carcass and a spider's web... there were gusts of wind sending leaves into spirals all around me... I leaned into this clothed wall of vines and pressed myself into it, feeling the leaves tickle my face... just because I could. (I can't do that with clients, no matter how friendly we are!) But in this case, I saw the beauty here and I was able to touch it. It made for a much more encompassing experience, compared to just seeing it out of the car window and driving by it.

I thought I'd share the images I took on my blog here. I hope they bring you some enchantment on this dreary Wednesday in October.... 

<3 Elliana

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