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Lyndsay's Birth of Maverick

an unexpectedly early hospital birth, winnipeg canada

I was staying up one night, a few weeks before Lyndsay's due date, just being indulgent and enjoying some late-night television. As I draw nearer and nearer to my client's due dates, I get more fastidious about my bedtimes and curfews, to make sure that I get as much sleep in as possible before potential texts and phone calls are received about labours beginning, or imminent birth. So I was up that night, and suddenly get a text from Cory saying they're heading to triage to get checked out. I immediately ready my bags and things just in case, and then plan to go take a nap. I then get a few more texts, inconclusive in nature, describing Lyndsay as being in labour but... somehow... there is some doubt as to the seriousness of this. They were not expecting to go into labour that night, several weeks before their due date. It sounded like they weren't too sure if this was going to turn into full-blown BIRTH or maybe this wasn't true labour and maybe they would be sent back home, and maybe... just maybe?

I took a shower, threw my stuff in the car and drove to the hopistal to meet them. Because to me, it sounded like this was the night. And it was!  Lyndsay was so strong, and despite being a bit shocked at the fact that things were happening so much earlier than anticipated, and being exhausted... she handled her contractions and her pain like an absolute Warrior. Sure she had doubts. Sure she had fear. Sure, she wanted and needed and asked for and received pain relief. But none of that takes away the courage, the nerve, the strength and the grace that she possessed throughout those hours of tough labour and tough pushing and birthing. I also need to tell you about her husband Cory. What a guy! He was her guiding light, her beacon of hope and confidence. Her friend and companion. Her source of humour, her source of hope. He believed in her when she lost faith. He pushed her when she felt she couldn't go further. He held on and stayed awake and alert and committed and devoted and completely engaged every single moment of every single hour. And then... at 9:51 AM when Maverick emerged... Cory grasped his son and guided him out and into this world, with his own bare hands. Their wonderful midwifery team was so supportive and empowering... they just had the best care you could ever hope for. I was overjoyed for them! 

Maverick's cord was quite short, so Cory held him right up against Lyndsay's body while the cord was clamped and cut, and Maverick immediately went to his daddy for some skin-to-skin snuggles while Lyndsay found herself again after all those hours of hard, hard work. 

It was such a pleasure hanging out with this couple all night long, and into the following morning. They were beautiful together and individually. They were strong, and united, their friendship and love for one another was palpable in the room. I can see very clearly how great they will be as Maverick's parents and am extremely excited to continue following their journey into the future. I have so much gratitude for this couple... and their openness to my sharing their story here. 

I'm going to try something a little different for this blog post, and share a slideshow. My first one!

Please watch and enjoy and feel welcome to leave a comment below in support of this gorgeous young family, or with any feedback for me. Thank you for tuning in! (Watch in HD and expand to fill your screen)

If you are curious about birth photography and would like to chat with me about it, or share your own story with me, please get in touch! I would be thrilled to hear from you.

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